Friday, November 19

The Beautiful and Strange

(See poem-in-side-bar-for-which-this-unread-blog-is-named)

It bothered me that such a beautiful poem would end in such a strange way, so clearly bringing to mind the “Left Behind” books (Or as a one speaker called them, “The Hardy Boys take on the End Times!” Apologies to Mar and Britt – I know you both like that series!) What exactly does Armageddon have to do with expressing one’s self?

So, I rummaged through my dusty books, pulled out my college poetry class textbook, poured myself a cuppa joe, and sat in front of the fire for a long, nice, comfortable read.

OK, I went to The fluorescent lighting is killing my eyes, and I’m quite cold, actually. I keep trying to warm up by getting more coffee. The other version sounds a lot better.

So, the key understanding this poem? Ha! That language changes through the ages.

Dread: adj. Inspiring awe
Apocalypse: n. 3. A prophetic disclosure; a revelation.

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