Thursday, March 7

Stubborn or Mysterious. You choose.

Well, my friends, I'm sorry to say that there is no news on whether we have a Santiago or a Santiaga (as our RA Grace calls her...since she's sure baby is a "her.")

The ultrasound was from the top of the head down...sometimes we got a shot of the body, but it was not the traditional perfect "laying on a chaise lounge sofa" profile shot other babies are keen to give.

Adam said baby was Stubborn. My sister said both our babies were frustratingly mysterious.

Dr. Harnsberger pointed out baby's two kidneys, stomach and the heart was beating strong at 140 bpm. We could also see the baby's hands very clearly, and it likes to have its hands next to its face (twice in the last two months  - hands near face). We were also able to see a partial profile (mouth, eyes, nose), but baby moved right as he was taking the picture. So the photo's not that clear.

I learned something new, too: Apparently the sound of a sonogram is audible to the baby, which is why he/she moves around so much during the sonogram. It's not super pleasant, being the loudness of a subway train, with the tonality of the highest keys on a piano. 

Listen, baby. Show us the goods, and we'll stop bothering you with that subway train sound! ;)

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J said...

Sounds like baby would like to hear the soothing sounds of 80's-synth New Wave classics instead. Can't blame the kid. =)

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