Monday, March 4

All over the place

I have been trying to think up something very interesting to write about, and I really haven't come up with a whole lot that is coherent. So, in scattershot fashion:

  • Things apparently are going well with the pregnancy. The doctor is fine with me coming in every month, as opposed to the every two weeks I was accustomed to, so there's not a lot to share. I could update about how "big" the little one is, but I don't want to simply regurgitate app information on my blog without additional info.
  • I'm 14 weeks. I look pregnant after I eat, I don't look preggo when I wear my normal clothes and sit up straight. So I have no idea. Maybe in a few weeks we'll go: "THAT'S a baby bump."
  • I pray every day for my friends who have yet to conceive.
  • We aren't updating Facebook with updates, because we don't know how painful it might be for those around us, those who might not have shared with us their struggles. Our child will rarely get posts on FB when he/she does arrive. I'll probably keep updates here or at Santiago Chronicle.
  • We (hopefully!) will find out the gender this Thursday. I may or may not post it immediately, since the RA staff is on Spring Break, and we want to tell them all together when they return. (I have no idea how many of them know about my blog). 
  • I think we're keeping the baby name a secret, but we've secretly flown it by some people to see their reaction (nestled in among 5 other names so they couldn't figure out which one we're really interested in.) Adam's set on one particular name and I'm fine with it as long as it's paired with a family name from my side.
  • My brother is engaged! The wedding is in 4 weeks, Adam is going to be a groomsmen. They were thoughtful enough to consider when I wouldn't be able to fly and significantly moved up their wedding plans. 
  • My sister is due in 3 weeks - I'm praying baby comes early so she'll have weeks to recover,  but also for the  baby to be full term, making it easier for her to be able to attend my brother's wedding (she lives in the same town, as opposed to us, who live 1700 miles away).
  • I'm pretty moody lately - I was irritable all day for little reason. Came home kinda pissy, and am still trying to snap myself out of it. I'll just blame it on the pregnancy and eat one of the 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies I bought.
  • Yes, I used the excuse "I'm pregnant" when I bought the 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.


Addie said...

"Yes, I used the excuse "I'm pregnant" when I bought the 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies."

Oh, girl. I have been there.

But then... what is my excuse THIS year?


Hannah said...

Love it!

by the way, I would definitely recommend chopping up your favorite cookie and topping your favorite ice cream with it. A-MAZ-ING.

Currently, mine is Tagalongs (the peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies) on top of chocolate ice cream. I may have been known to chop up Reeses Peanut Butter cups and do the same thing :)

Laura Ward said...

I'm now incredibly hungry for Girl Scout cookies & ice cream! :) Can't wait for the full update tomorrow, but glad for these snippets to tide me over!

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