Thursday, December 20

What We've Been Up To

Well, first off, we had Thanksgiving with friends, Old and new.

We loved seeing our St. Louis friends again
And There were festivities with plenty of laughter, games, good food, babies and pups. (Although the children seem to be missing from these photos. They were most definitely there!)

And The RAs all dressed up for "The Hobbit" and the midnight showing!

And some were pretty darn accurate.
Anyone guess what Jess went as? Here's your hint: David is Frodo : )

Appropriate Snacks

And I couldn't get one without weird faces...I wonder if any of them thought they'd be on my blog...?!

Today we had our good friends and little Margaret over...I loved her captivated looks at the tree....

And then she proved once again to be the best natured child I've been around...

....As these photos were taken 2 hours past her bedtime...

....And she was still giggling

And one to leave you with...that crazy blur is me

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