Tuesday, December 4


It's hard, sometimes, to write a post when I'm happy. If things are going ok, well, then, all the better. And If they're going well, or I'm feeling good, then I probably have the energy to clean the bathroom. Or exercise. Or do Yoga. Or finish some of the shopping that needs to be done. Or call one of the 10 friends that I haven't talked to in a month.

But I've been realizing how unbalanced my blog has been during that past few months. Yes, it's been honest. Brutally honest at times.

A comment on the following picture by my mother reminded me of something. Mom said it was so good to see me smile. I realized that so much of what she hears, and what my friends hear -  what you read - is the darkness, the sadness and the confusion that is often all mixed up in me.

But this is what I usually look like on Thursday Nights: 

(Too bad Emily looks like she's just about had enough of this night. She wasn't - and played some darn good hands!)

Ok, we don't play poker EVERY Thursday night - although that would be a Great tradition! But the RAs come over for their weekly meeting, Adam gets through the necessary business of managing the building, and then we usually have some form of fun. And Adam and I get to love a bunch of 20 year olds.


Melodee said...

I didn't comment, but I had the same reaction as your mom when I saw this picture! It was a delight to see your beautiful smile.

Jessica said...

Such fun! :)

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