Saturday, November 3

last weekend - with pictures

 Well, first off, I took these photos of sunsets ages ago, but they need to be posted...welcome to the view from our window:

Then, Anna Katherine and I decided to make super chocolatey cupcakes with dark chocolate butter cream frosting from America's Test Kitchen for Jess' Birthday (Adam's Assistant RD):

Mmmm! So warm and fantastic! (of course- prior to frosting). They had a wonderful ganache in the center.  

A couple of blurry-ish photos of Jonathan monitoring my double-broiling the chocolate for the frosting (I especially love the crazy patterns of my sweater and apron together).  We loved having Jonathan visit and also had the Vangie and John Wykoff and children over for dinner:
Which allowed for Adam to get some quality time in reading to the tiny humans

 The next day, we collected the necessary items for me to finally finish the magnetic chalkboard I've been meaning to complete (for the last - ahem - 3 months)

And that's what we did last weekend!


Laura Ward said...

1. I would've LOVED to have been Jonathan's co-monitor for you as you did your magic with the chocolate! I probably wouldn't have liked the cupcakes, but I'm all about melted chocolate bars. :)

2. Adam reading to little Miss Wykoff (she's adorable, btw - a perfect mini-John & Vangie) is too.precious.for.words.

3. I love your magnetized chalk board!!! I've been thinking about it since Thursday. Love it. :)

4. Still bummed I missed your text last weekend because I miss you! Hope this weekend is going well. Thinking of you!

Evangeline said...

What a blessing you were to us that weekend, Hannah and Adam! That picture is too precious! Thanks for loving our kiddos so well.

Hannah said...

Well, I must say, It is terribly easy to love your child when 1) she is guided and lovingly disciplined so well, and 2) Her parents are transparent with us regarding the highs and lows of parenthood.

But that little one is also ridiculously photogenic!

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