Wednesday, October 3

How good is this?

A few days ago, I had lunch with a dear friend that, now that I live in Chattnooga, I don't get to see very often. We talked a lot, cried a little, and grieved the pain the Lord has seen fit to send us. It was an amazing time of encouragement, seeing the emotion in her face and knowing that we could so thoroughly relate to one another. 

This poem strikes me the same way. Poetic and accurate, it reflects to me my experience, but it encourages me that someone else knows what I am feeling.

It also reminds me that all grief is the similar, though each person grieves different losses.


Laura Ward said...

AMAZING. May I take this and send it to everyone I know?! Such a good description of the confusing, chaotic process of grief & suffering.

Hannah said...

I know! I thought you would like it particularly for those that may be going through grief!

I'll send you the link to the blog where I got it - a counselor that specializes in grief and trauma.

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