Wednesday, February 29

Hot and flash

Yeah, so the hotflashes have begun in earnest now. For the first month it was pretty brilliant. I had no side effects, except that one time when I caught the stomach bug and blamed it on Lupron. But it was definitely the stomach bug.

But now, I have a little experience every morning, right around 8 am. It's hilarious, the typical things I do - grab something to fan myself. Who knew that it's the ONLY THING you think of when you're having a hotflash. Fan thyself.

Also, my brain can be mush regularly. I just can't find the right word. I call it Lupron Brain.

Otherwise, no fatigue, no depression no weight gain.  I'm pretty lucky.

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Laura Ward said...

I can just see you fanning yourself. Fun image. :) So glad it hasn't been worse than that! Looking forward to catching up soon and hearing more of how the last few weeks have been.

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