Saturday, February 4

Getting ready

Well, in a lot of areas in life, I am getting ready:

Last week, I was getting ready to get a shot. I got it. I'm now on the path of false (temporary) menopause (and if that doesn't scream "PARRRTAYYY!," I really don't know what does.)

I'm getting ready for bone loss - caramel candy calicum chews!

I'm getting ready for weight gain.

I'm getting ready for hot flashes: I've already scoped out a desk fan just in case.

I'm getting ready for exercise: apparently this is the best way to combat the depression, weight gain and hot flashes that most women experience on Lupron.

I'm getting ready to tell our doctor that we're not going to do IVF (likely). We have left the proverbial door cracked, but really, Adam's really not excited about it, and it's something I'm not excited to put my body through. Observe: IVF drugs laid out on a table.

Doesn't that look FUN? I mean, shouldn't I be so. excited. to put all thosedrugs and synthetic hormones into my body? I'm telling you, a 10-second shot of lupron had me rubbing my ass all day. I can't imagine how much stuff I'd have to put in my body. And how I'd be rubbing my poor bum.

My family has a number of friends that went through IVF and now have beautiful babies. I'm so happy it worked for them - and I'm happy that they have what they so dearly wanted. But I'm just not really willing (today) to do all that is required to do IVF.

This could change. I don't see us changing our minds, but perhaps we might. File it under "Never say never."

Instead, I'm getting ready to Go To Germany! Visit Europe! Adam and I have promised each other that if we don't get pregnant, we're going to visit our friends now living and studying in Germany.  


Courtney Dey said...

Germany!!!! Good idea. ;)

Hannah said...

You realize that all of the Rayburn siblings are being encouraged by the Porcellas to join them, Summer 2013. How do you think your mom would like to have ALL of the grandchildren for about a month? ;)

Addie said...

Ugh. That's all. Just ugh.

That you have to go through even this.

That you have to even weigh all those drugs against possibly carrying your own child.

That you have to give yourselves Germany if you don't have a baby.

Wait: that part's pretty awesome. Because win/win, right? I love giving myself something to look forward to, even if it's not the something I really really wanted, it's SOMETHING.

Also, I find myself really sad about Dooce too. And having a hard time with her current posts - I can't let myself worry about the folks I don't know, when the folks I do are physically present with hard things too. Ugh.

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