Saturday, January 21

The Cruise. Photo overload!

Oh, The Cruise. It was FABULOUS! We really loved being with my family and the eating and the drinking. It was SUCH a good time.  A once in a lifetime thing for us, partially because of Dad's stroke (it renders him pretty darn tired for two days after traveling, so having the room available for him 24-7 was perfect) and it also allowed us to see such beautiful sights. Here:

 Near a Really old church in Puerto Rico - I think it said something like "built in 1650-something". Wish I would have written it down!
No idea what this building is for (home or business, but) Pretty!

 One of Two HUGE forts built in San Juan - one to protect from attacks from Land (this one, San Christobel) and one to protect from attacks at sea. (Ben and Jeremy show how big!)

 Off the boat at Barbados!

 Barbados! - Such beautiful water.....

 Why, Yes, our boat is as big as a floating skyscraper.

 Ben getting the shot  coming into Port in Antigua

Stunning, Stunningly beautiful Water. And that's a resort! "I Want To Go To There!"

For some reason I was able to notice glimpses of tropical birds everywhere we went. This little guy was flitting around our beach area for a good while

Rum, baby! It was pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Adam taking part in the local culture

Jeremy trying the Local beer
Bekah and me on the first night (I chose them in the wrong order, but it takes too much effort to move the photos in blogger)

The first night is formal night, thus the jackets and cocktail dresses

So charming

All of us together

Third night dinner. Bekah's dress was purchased on Antigua. Very sassy and cute!
Sailing away from Antigua

Coming into Tortola with the Sun

Dolphin! Swim!

um, YEAH it was fun!

So, dolphins are amazingly AMAZINGLY gentle. There's no bumping into you unknowingly, the way dogs do.

Did I say it was fun? Cause it was SO MUCH FUN

Dude was performing ...he loved his little frozen fish. (The trainer fed him, not us!)

Sweet and gentle!

do you believe I am swimming with a DOLPHIN?

In Totola, we walked EVERYWHERE!

Then the boys surprised us....

With a massage for each of the girls....

From the Ship's spa! Oh, my goodness, SUCH a luxurious day!

Pretty courageous in St. Thomas

The kid makes it extra heavy!

Driving up the mountain in St. Thomas
Snorkeling - kind of - there weren't many fish to see

Checking out the Local Beer

Waiting for really interesting tacos - chicken with beets and cabbage and this amazing sauce. Just...Not enough of them!

Lots of Shopping in St. Thomas, just not a lot of different things. The souvenirs were pretty disappointing. Or really expensive.

The last night - with our FANTASTIC waiter and waitress, Carlito and Josephine!
Between the family, I think we have somewhere around 700 photos of our be thankful I stopped here!

But we did have a great time. It's really wonderful having family that gets along with each other.

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