Friday, April 25

Not gonna Lie

The title is a phrase I've picked up here from my roommate...or someone.

Not gonna lie, it's been a tough week. It started with a migraine on Sunday and ended with a sleepless Thursday night full of anxiety. Not the worthwhile anxiety, but the kind that you wake up the next morning realizing how not-in-control you are, and so therefore the anxiety has no real purpose, because it's not as if you could change the price of fuel/flights/rice in China.

Squashed between the migraine and anxiety were tests and papers, particularly a Greek test that took my fiance away from me for a good 48 hours. That doesn't seem significant, except that there's been little sleep for both of us, though for different reasons.

we're now both sitting silently, waiting for the chicken to bake and dinner to commence.

It's raining a bit, and that's basically the mood. somber, drab, blah.

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