Wednesday, November 21


This past week I had to write a paper on the book "The Price of Privilege" and diagram my family tree (called a genogram) and write 10 pages about interpersonal relationships within the family.

And as my mom and I talked this afternoon (face to face for the first time in months) these two very different assignments began to make a lot of sense, and I realized that God was teaching me a big lesson.

One of the things that Price of Privilege highlighted was the emotional problems affluent kids have. One contributing factor is that kids are taught to base their identity on unstable 'things' in the world - performance, status, grades. Sometimes I struggled with these things that define, but I realized as I read the book that I hadn't as much as others had struggled. Why? Onto my second assignment.....

My genogram highlighted that my family deals with conflict generally better-than-average. At this moment I'm waiting for Ben, Bekah and Jeremy to get home from school/work. Can't. Wait. to see them. Why?

This afternoon's conversation with my mom really revealed why our family relationships are so encouraging. I was wrestling with some things that have happened during the last week that tried my humility and patience. I was so frustrated for so much of our conversation. But she repeatedly, uniquely, consistantly told me the truth: Be humble. Be a biblical peacemaker. Remember where your strength comes from - NOT. YOU. Remember whose you are. Remember that 'whose you are' isn't performance-based.

And so my two very different papers came to life in a 20 minute conversation with my mom. And on this Thanksgiving eve, I'm really thankful for my family - my mom, dad, Ben, Bekah and Jeremy. They point me to the gospel and help ground my identity in the one person who really defines me - Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah!

My, your mom certainly is wise, and I'm so thankful you were able to have a sit down, face to face visit/discussion.

One of Jason's recent sermons was on performance-based relationships - he stayed mostly with the horizontal relationships, since the sermon series is on marriage. But, your wise mom took that one step further/upward when reminding you about the very important vertical relationship.

Will continue to pray for your studies and relationships dear niece.


Auntie Sharon
P.S. It may be too personal, or you may have reservations, but I would love to read your paper. :)

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