Monday, November 19


My (she just edited "fabulous") roommate said she was sick of looking at my blog and not seeing a new post, so here I am. Posting.

I've been thinking about expectations and failed expectations lately. Last night there was a missed expectation which resulted in the necessary peacemaking this morning. Last week there was hope and refraining from having too high of expectations.

Over the last few years, I've talked with a good friend about expectations. Do you abandon all expectations? Do you have expectations, just to be disappointed?

The longer I'm in seminary, the more I realize life is all about "the tension in between." I'm living in the tension of holding onto good expectations and not holding others to high expectations.

Ultimately expectations are not rooted in us. Even when I'm just looking at today and thinking, "I missed that expectation of _______. I've failed again." The truth is Christ will fill all of our expectations and fulfill the expectations of others that we could have filled, were we perfect.

(And my other roommate just said, "It all goes back to Pratt's class and covenant." THAT is a post for another day.)

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