Thursday, May 10

Newest residents of Bayer House

For the last month or so, one of my roommates thought that the cat (that lives in the hole in our house's foundation) might have had kittens. When I was home in MT, they found a tiny, tiny kitten under our porch and sent it off to a shelter. I have to admit, I thought perhaps that was it, but last week we found out that, yes, said roommate WAS correct. Little kittens do in fact under the Bayer house. I also think she must have super human hearing to have heard the mewing of little kitties.

The last couple of days we've watched them play (and run away if we got too close), and now, with the help of a lady in the computer lab, the mama cat has been caught. Once again, the computer lady came with mind set, and today she caught one of the little kittens.

So now we have a reason (cough- excuse!) to quit our studying for a bit, and go visit the little guy in the basement. We plan on catching the other two kittens and sending all three + mama to a kitty farm or to a kitten adoption place.

(Thanks to Kristi and Donetta for the photos)

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