Wednesday, February 21

What a change

One of my classmates just mentioned that he couldn't believe that it was a week ago that classes were cancelled because of the snow and ice. It was 10 degrees, and we were all so happy to stay indoors, studying and having a good time sharing meals and watching a little American Idol that night.

Forward to today - 60 degrees for the high- and I've sat out on the porch since a quarter to 1 (it's now quarter to 5) reading my Gospel of John homework and creating flashcards for my quiz tomorrow.

As I sit here, I can see the rush hour traffic making it's way south, and just through the trees, the freeway sign for South 270 to Tulsa and Memphis is visible. I realized how far from home I was just then. Signs to Tulsa? Memphis? I'm a ways from home.

Tonight we'll catch the rest of Idol and take in a little bit of Lost, which always includes the group of 20 or so yelling at the TV. The amount of TV this night requires studying those previously mentioned flashcards during the commercial breaks.

Otherwise, it's been just about a perfect day - lots of people walking by, lots of reading, while listening to my favorite Molly Routson Collection CD. The sun is starting to dip behind the chapel steeple. Time to go inside!

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