Thursday, February 8

Hmm, there goes that intention

When I left Billings for StL, I thought I would have a greater drive to blog, mostly to keep people updated.

I still think of blogging things throughout the day, but jumping online and trying to post seems to be harder and harder.

I've also completed reading more books in the last three weeks than I have in the previous 3 months. So every time I'm ready to stop studying, I want to go straight to bed!

So far, I love my professors and my roommates. I was really blessed to be able to meet up with Dave Edling when he came through town. He, once again, was so faithful to spend time, give counsel and be a friend to me.

Here are a few pictures of my living conditions. Not too Shabby, if I do say so myself!

I also got word today that I am still scheduled to do a 3-day Chapel series on Peacemaking at my alma mater. Prayers would be greatly appreciated, since I'm a little fearful.

Front of the House

Back of the House

Living Room

Edwards Hall. I have my counseling classes here. It was named for a supportive St. Louis family, who donated to the Presbyterian Church. Any connections, Billings Folk, to someone we know in Oregon?

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