Tuesday, August 8

Summertime and Grandpa

When I was a 3 or 4, my grandpa sat me down at their little kitchen table (very 70s/80s decor). He cut a fresh, garden-grown tomato in quarters and sprinkled a little salt on it.

"Try it."

I didn't want to at first. I don't know why I thought (at that young age) that it wouldn't taste good. He must have chuckled when I first tried it, and then gobbled the rest of it down. If I remember correctly, I think I even asked for more.

Well, this year, Grandpa has a bumper crop of 'em, and Mom has some really sweet tasting tomatoes from her garden, too.

And I've been eating them fresh, straight from the garden. I think it will always remind me of my Grandpa, and I know I'll always plant tomatoes, so I can have them fresh with just a little salt on 'em.

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