Wednesday, August 2

Quote - What do I love?

I was once talking with a lady that who had been married for many years. She was married to a person who, very honestly I would have to say was a bad man. He regularly said and did hurtful things. She meanwhile had dreamed of the ultimate husband and had gotten so embittered by the blessing of other women in her church that she said she could no longer go to worship. She felt as if God had forsaken her, so much that she couldn't read her Bible or pray.

I wanted her to understand her identity in Christ and the love of the Lord. I wanted her to understand that God is a refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble, so I quoted a few passages to her that spoke of God's amazing love, when, in the middle of a verse, she said, "Stop!" I looked up at her angry face. She said, "Don't tell me any more that God loves me. I want a husband who loves me!” And she pounded her fist on the chair as she spoke.

I learned something that day. To the degree that you have based your life on something other than the Lord, to that degree God’s love and the hope of the gospel will not comfort you.

Paul Tripp - War of Words, pg 98

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