Thursday, July 20

Review of "Alfie"

I watched “Alfie” last night. “Oh, the show about the alien?” the very nice girl at the video place asked me, when I was trying to find it. “No…the one with Jude Law.”

I grew up on “ALF,” the TV show, and frankly, it would have probably been a better use of my time.

Alfie was, in a word, disappointing. It was really close to being an ok movie (although it had way too much sex – it’s rated R) but decided it wanted to be a contemplative movie instead of romantic. To be fair, the ending is much more true to life (he doesn’t end up with any of the woman he’s dating/doing, but finds that he’s unhappy). I suppose that’s the same in the original “Alfie,” with Michael Caine. Haven’t seen that one, not sure if I will.

I thought he’d end up with Julie, Marisa Tomei’s character, but I was wrong. Thought he’d end up with the girl he gets preggers. Nope. The beautiful, depressed girl that’s in need of help? Well, we all saw that break up comin’.

So the positives for watching Alfie? Not a whole lot. It’s a somewhat interesting character study; except it’s very easy to see why he’s in the life he’s in. He even ‘figures’ it out at the end, kind of.

Why is he unhappy? He’s selfish and he chooses sin. Would he or others call it that? No, but his actions are always blatantly manipulative, self-centered, and God-ignoring. He has no idea how to be kind to others, and he doesn’t think about the ramifications of his actions.

Sin never leads to a place of happiness. It always ends in hardship, depression, anger or sadness. Sin is only redeemed by God, when we’re repentant (as I learn daily.)

So, Alfie, back to the Video Store early for you. I’ll get my $1 credit, and look forward to the movie I originally went in to rent: “She’s the Man.”


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