Monday, July 31

Mel's beliefs, my lies

Brian at the Banty Rooster asks "Is Mel Done in Hollywood?"

Within it, he makes a lot of good points. I thought about posting the following on his blog comments but realized its long enough that I probably shouldn't take his space there.

Brian says "Actually, alcohol doesn't make you lie; it reduces your inhibitions so that you actually end up saying what you really do think, but were afraid to say." I don't take issue with Brian's point; I just empathize a lot with Gibson.

Presently I've been struggling with a lie that I've been believing. Oh, Satan has a good hold on me with this lie. It pops up in a myriad of differently shaped fruit. I believe it, I keep it, I stroke this lie/idol like Frodo does the Ring. I battle others with it.

I've told my mom, my sister, BLB and GPB this lie. I've punched them in the gut with it.

Do I believe this lie? Yes. As a functioning atheist, I "believe" this lie is the best way for me to interpret the world.

Do I believe this lie? In a spiritually 'sober' state, no. I don't. I know for a fact that it is not true (hey! The definition of a lie!) and that I'm spewing filth from my heart.

And so, it's that part of me that can appreciate Mel's saying "I acted like a person completely out of control .... and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable." Do I think Gibson is that nuanced in his knowledge of heart issues? Mmmm, maybe not. But maybe he is. Why assume that he doesn't have a wise spiritual mentor in his life?

I think the thing that makes me smile is that God doesn't let us go when we sin. He finds us. How many alcohol/drug-hazed celebrities drive and don't get caught? Gibson's fallen, and he was caught - Isn't God good to prevent him from falling further?

I take joy in knowing that I too am caught in my sin (believing the lie), and from my sin.

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