Sunday, May 5

An Exceptionally Good Year

Today is the last day we will see our RA 2012-2013 staff. They will be wandering in for breakfast, after a full Turkey Dinner last night and a full night of cleaning a dorm building that used to be a hotel - 150 rooms!

 And cleaning this building is quite a feat, considering I heard from 3 separate college students during cleaning day last week, "Why do we have to clean? Isn't there a cleaning service?" (Adam and I could write a book on examples of entitlement from this generation....) That aside,

It has been an exceptionally good year.

A year full of depression, struggle and learning. A year full of laughter, mentoring and connection. These RAs, more than any other group, walked with us through our fertility struggles: They were 3 months into their job when we told them what the past years had held for us personally and shared with them that we were likely never to have kids.

When we came back from Christmas, they were the first people we told that we were pregnant. I thought I knew which ones would cry with happiness - I wasn't ready for all of them to tear up and shout with joy!  (Which may explain this video a little!)

We've been with them as two of them became engaged, another start dating seriously and others struggle with longing and disappointment. Adam has counseled each as they've gone through the difficulties of leading college students - sometimes being in the place on confidant and "older brother or sister," sometimes being rejected or the object of anger by those same students weeks later.

They have been a good team. I will miss them!


anne said...

Oh, my goodness, Hannah! I just figured out where you were! My daughter has lived in your dorm this year, and my future daughter-in-law is one of those engagements you mentioned! I had no idea that's where you were. I was just up there yesterday to bring my daughter home.

I haven't commented in ages, and I've moved on from PalmTree Pundit to Europeanne and now to Georgianne. But I've still kept up with your blog here and there. So excited for your recent news. :)


Hannah said...

Unbelievable! How funny that clicking through blogs on Blogspot nearly 9 years ago would land me at PalmTree Pundit. And now we're at "your daughter lives in our Dorm building?" The Lord does have a lovely sense of humor!

Best wishes to Will and Anna - I'm sure you are full with all kinds of emotions! Are they going to be married this summer or later on?

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