Saturday, July 14

How's the Weather? and What We're Reading

After some crazy heat in GA and TN, the last few days have been cloudy, rainy and delightfully grey. Especially on the  mountain, it has been - at times - downright cool.

Adam was gone to Pennsylvania for two weeks and finished the intensive class part of the Masters of Education he is pursuing. He is currently required to read "The Narcissistic Epidemic"for his class, "College Kids in America." We've been reading it out loud to each other.  It is interesting, terribly depressing, scary - and funny. I'd love to recommend it to a number of friends, but currently - as I do not have kids and it doesn't look particularly good for us in that regard - I think I might get responses such as a) protesting, b) denial that they give their kids everything and c) being cut off from my friends!

If I could encourage my Parent Friends, please don't ever tell your child that they are special. They are not special. Unless they are 3 and producing Mozart-quality symphonies, they are not special. They are loved by you. They are special to you. The entitled, "special" message that kids have received over the last 15-25 years has now resulted in a marked increase in selfish, compassionless narcissistic tendencies in adulthood.

Ok, sermon over.  The problem with that last paragraph is that I know the 4 friends that have kids and also read this blog have no difficulty telling their kids "No." So the friends who need to read this book won't. 

Subject two: I have delved into photography again, getting ready for a 2013 visit to:

Now, Rick Steves was one of my favorite shows to watch on Saturday mornings in St. Louis, when we could get PBS. Here on the mountain the TV signal isn't as good, so we don't get PBS. (We do however get 5 channels of Evangelical sermons. Accept Jesus into your heart, y'all.)

As we get closer and closer to the end of our fertility struggle - when we finish with the current (so-far unsuccessful) treatments - we also get closer to visiting our friends and the culture and history of Germany.  Of course, I'd rather have our own children, but focussing on something that can be planned and executed has kept my spirits up in the face of disappointment. 

And finally, Here are some of the fantastic views out our back window: 

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