Thursday, November 19

2 Lunch thoughts

1) I love LOVE this casserole as leftovers

2 chicken breasts (cut into cubes)
1 can of cream of _______ (chicken, cheese or celery) soup,
a good amount of broccoli,
2 cups cooked rice,
enough cheddar cheese to kill a horse (or to satisfy you)

cook the chicken in a CAST IRON SKILLET (I'm so in love with CIS's that I need to yell it) until nice and brown. take out of skillet, pour in some chicken broth, get all the yummy bits up. put the brothy-yummy-bits into a bowl, add soup, chopped up cooked chicken, cooked broccoli, rice, and mix. Turn in Cheese. Bake in oven (if you want, in your CAST IRON SKILLET) until warmed through (doesn't really matter the degree setting; I did it 10 minutes @ 400.)

Eat and enjoy. warm it up the next day, eat and enjoy again.

2) I think about food a lot.

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