Monday, October 5


I remember reading a blog of a girl I didn't know and always thinking, "I wish she would update more frequently."

Things from this past week:

I've been fingerprinted for the FBI (and the MO Highway Patrol) as a part of state licensure. I assume I will soon have an FBI File....

Although I grew up in a culture that taught that you should always strongly declare the truth to a person struggling to believe, Sometimes it's hard for me to know whether I ought to be tough or tender when there are terrible tears streaming down the face of a hurting person as they believe the lies Satan sells us.

My husband came to me on the first day of the month (pay day) and brought me a pumpkin spice latte.

I try to plan our month of meals (since we are paid once a month) and it takes me 3 hours. I hate that.

It makes me incredibly sad to know that by the time I make it back home for Christmas, I will not have seen my sister in a year.

I'm really thankful for my counseling site - the people there continually remind me that it's not about my ability but about the Holy Spirit's power to change people.

Work is gearing up! (at both sites)

1 comment:

Addie said...

Your first line made me laugh. SERIOUSLY.

Then I remember that no news is often good news. :)

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