Tuesday, February 17


I've just spent the last hour looking at new templates (thanks Addie!) and trying them out on my other (the movie) blog. I'm tired, and I keep thinking that I'm copying the illustrious Ms. Morstad (soon to be Mrs. Bedford).

That said, the feeling from the last few weeks is Tired. Even working for Peacemakers I've never been so tired. Of course, at PM, even if you're giving a lot of yourself, it seems as though everyone's ready to emotionally give to you, too.

Counseling? The question to ask is "what is therapeutic for the client?" Which means, you're generally just giving of yourself, and relying a lot on Jesus. Which I need to do more of.

Things of life that should be updated: The car is sold, but not the way that I wanted. I was taking a left and was hit by a guy in the rear-passenger side. So we got the Honda hauled to the collision center, and being as we didn't have collision insurance on it, eventually sold it to the little man who worked there. (it would have cost 116% of the cost of the car to fix the damage.) We're still waiting on the two insurance agencies to hammer out liability. Hopefully we'll get something from the insurance agency.

It's been a tough couple of weeks, and truthfully, I feel as though sharing my complaining attitude online is tantamount to sharing via a bullhorn.

On the other hand, our 6 month anniversary coincided (somewhat) with Valentines day, which helpfully occurred on a weekend. Therefore Valentines for Hannah was on Friday ("The Duchess" and Chinese food) and Valentines for Adam was on Saturday (steak. Lots and lots of steak dinner. with Creamy Mashed potatoes and corn. But the steak was REALLY good.)

So that's the update. More to come. (Hopefully a story of lots and lots of rest.)


Carin & Michael Schindler said...

Has it already been 6 months... man time flies. I am glad you had a great weekend. I glad the car thing is over but sorry it wasn't optimal. Miss you girl - hang in there.

Susan said...

Be of good cheer, Hannah!

With octaves of a mystic depth and height