Monday, September 24

You Belong Here Now

I returned last night to Saint Louis from helping out at the Peacemaker Conference. "How was it?" is a typical question from friends here.

It was good. Typical response. But then the truth comes out:

"Have you ever gone back to somewhere...where you did your undergrad, or maybe home, or something, and everyone is really happy to see you, and they miss you, and you don't doubt that, but..."

But things have changed? People have gone on with life, and you aren't walking with them there anymore?

Maybe the reason I experienced it this now and not earlier is because my immediate family is very steady in our relating to each other. So it took me experiencing my Peacemaker Family to know that things go on.

And that's the way it ought to be. Standing still is never an option in Christ's Kingdom. We are to move forward.

And so, I was instant messaging an acquaintance/new friend this afternoon. He and his girlfriend are always consistent to invite me with them to do things. And when he asked the "how was it" question, and received my answer, he responded:

Yep, I know. That was the story of my summer. You belong here now.

How hard it is to only belong to one place and yet miss a part of your heart.

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