Monday, May 9

Home Sweet Basement

It seems that lately I've been saying "I'm back.." a lot. Well tonight I'm back home where I generally live - when guests come to stay at the Landlord/Adopted Family's house, I vamoose up (3 miles or so) to Mom and Dad's. And so it was these last few days. This was an especially fun weekend to be at home, because Little Shoe Girl is now home from college so the entire family was under one roof (since Christmas time).

This weekend was full of book buying, too. I've started journaling again (a bit more private than online journaling). I've always been glad that I'm not famous, nor likely to ever be, because at least I can now write with little fear of having my journal subpoenaed. I've heard that we actually know LESS about presidents now because those in the past used to write extensively. Now it's just a fast and easy way for lawyers to get people in trouble. Or at least prove that people created trouble. Thus, less journaling by people of importance. I digress.

And since it seems as though everyone and their sister is reading this book or at least referencing it, I decided to buy it and read it as well.

Also, we bought GPB "Life as a Vapor" for Graduation (Congrats again, GPB - remember Chapter 12!) and I got sucked into buying "Pierced by the Word." So, I've definitely got the reading ahead of me. I have nothing on Anne, though. Dear Goodness, she can read. I suppose having a beach outside her front door doesn't hurt, as she has "nothing else to do" {heavy sarcasm, there.}

So, off to bed I go, to read and journal. It'll be an incredibly busy week, but I kick it off with seeing a new dear friend over coffee tomorrow night. You know how you have old, dear friends, ones you love to death and it just seems as though life has always included them? It's even better when you don't know the person that well, but you feel as though you have known them forever. There's only one person missing, and she'll be back in a few weeks! (And I think only her blood relatives are more excited than I that she'll be back for 'ever' - or at least as far as we can see.)

So goodnight to you all. May God bless your week by turning his face toward you, and granting you Peace.

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